Civil Rights Activist Morris Dees to Receive _ Medal for 2012

ABA Medal is Highest Award from Association

WASHINGTON, July 11, 2012 – Morris Seligman Dees Jr., co-founder of the Southern Poverty Law Center, has been chosen to receive the highest award from the _, the ABA Medal.  He will receive the award when the ABA House of Delegates convenes at the association’s Annual Meeting on Aug. 7 in Chicago.

The ABA Medal recognizes exceptionally distinguished service by a lawyer or lawyers to the cause of American jurisprudence.  The ABA’s Board of Governors chooses the medal’s recipient.

Dees, the son of a poor white Alabama cotton farmer, early in life aspired to become a farmer or a Southern Baptist preacher but ultimately earned a law degree from the University of Alabama School of Law.  He founded the Southern Poverty Law Center in 1971 along with his law partner, Joseph J. Levin Jr.  Dees won a number of civil rights cases that helped integrate government and public institutions; he is also known for his work combating white supremacist hate groups.

“The Board of Governors is honored to present the ABA Medal to Morris Dees because he has worked tirelessly to ensure that all individuals, and especially the most vulnerable in our society, receive the access to justice they deserve,” said ABA President Wm. T. (Bill) Robinson III.  “As we all know, we have yet to erase racism and discrimination in our society, but Mr. Dees is an outstanding example of a lawyer who, case by case, is moving our country toward tolerance and equality.”

Named one of 100 most influential lawyers in America by the National Law Journal in 2006, Dees has also been awarded the Trial Lawyer of the Year from the Trial Lawyers for Public Justice, the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Award from the National Education Association, and the Salem Award for Human Rights and Social Justice, among many accolades.

The ABA Medal is given only in years when the ABA Board of Governors determines that a nominee has provided exceptional and distinguished service to the law and the legal profession.  Among previous recipients are legendary justices of the Supreme Court of the United States, including Oliver Wendell Holmes, Felix Frankfurter, Thurgood Marshall, William J. Brennan Jr. and Sandra Day O’Connor.  Other recipients include Watergate Special Prosecutor Leon Jaworski; human rights activist, the Rev. Robert Drinan; co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, William H. Gates Sr.; and Judge Patricia Wald, member of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia.

With nearly 400,000 members, the _ is the largest voluntary professional membership organization in the world. As the national voice of the legal profession, the ABA works to improve the administration of justice, promotes programs that assist lawyers and judges in their work, accredits law schools, provides continuing legal education, and works to build public understanding around the world of the importance of the rule of law.


Comments (3)

  • The Widners
    4:57 PM July 11, 2012

    Morris Dees and his organization has done incredible things in our lives, as you can see on our website, thepenance.com . Thank you Morris, for who you are, and all you do for our country. You fully deserve this award. God bless you, fine sir!

  • Jeff Lewis
    6:12 AM July 13, 2012

    If calling patriotic Americans and veterans who speak out in defense of the Constitution and Bill of Rights “nativist extremists,” and stereotyping them as “anti-government” are among the “incredible things” Mr. Dees and his socio-fascist hate group have done, then yes, I guess he does deserve a medal.


  • Ronnie Yeary
    10:14 AM July 13, 2012

    When the ABA gives Dees an award, then they lose all credibility as an impartial organization. Never before has any credible organization offered an award to a leader of a Hate organization.