ABA President William H. Neukom Responds to International Court of Justice Ruling on Death Penalty Cases

WASHINGTON, DC, August 1, 2008 – The ruling by the International Court of Justice that the United States must “take all measures necessary” to stop the executions of several Mexican citizens is an important caution flag. The _ joins with the Bush administration and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in calling for the states involved to postpone executions and newly revisit these cases in light of serious international law implications.

A reconsideration of these cases in light of the World Court’s decision that the United States has violated long-standing treaty agreements must occur. The Texas legal system must react quickly. We urge Governor Perry to delay these executions until a full and fair reconsideration has been conducted.

Treaty obligations are important and must be respected.  We would not want any U.S. citizen to face a foreign justice system without assistance from our government.

We also support Congressional efforts to provide these cases with the review and reconsideration required.