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October 28, 2009

ABA Lawyers to Plant One Million Trees by 2014

Volunteers participate in the _ Section of Environment, Energy, and Resources One Million Trees Project

Volunteers participate in the One Million Trees Project, an awareness campaign spearheaded by the _ Section of Environment, Energy and Resources.

The _’s One Million Trees Project is a nationwide public service endeavor calling on America’s lawyers to plant one million trees across the United States in the next five years to raise awareness of the benefits of trees — particularly their role in helping to fight climate change.

Spearheaded by the ABA Section of Environment, Energy, and Resources, the project was kicked off in a public ceremony on Sept. 23 at Franklin Square Elementary/Middle School in West Baltimore. Local partners included the Alliance for Community Trees, the Parks & People Foundation and the Maryland Bar Association.

Participants planted over a dozen trees around the school yard and in areas nearby. They also weeded, mulched and planted flower beds. Future events will be posted on the section’s site.

Why trees?

Countless studies have shown that trees are essential—and endangered. They purify the air, cool their surroundings, and enrich and stabilize the soil. Yet the tree canopy of the United States is being displaced by deforestation and development. Programs like this one are an easy way for us to help reverse the decline of trees in this country.

Although planting trees can require a somewhat higher up-front investment—e.g., the trees, soil and mulch—costs are recouped through lowered utility bills and increased property values.

How can you get involved?

Lawyers can help the ABA reach its 2014 goal by planting trees and tracking their effort, or by donating money to one of our partner organizations. Every little contribution counts–a $10 donation can plant 10 trees!

Donation and planting information are available at these Web sites:

Alliance for Community Trees: http://actrees.org/site/stories/aba.php

Arbor Day Foundation: www.arborday.org/aba

American Forests: www.americanforests.org/aba

TreeLink/TreeBank: www.treelink.org

The ACT Web site, in particular, offers a variety of ways to participate in the initiative beyond a donation, including information on joining a hands-on tree planting activity in various local areas.

The project is a great opportunity to learn about native plants and how they improve not only the landscape, but almost every aspect of our lives.

To find out more about the project or to download the planting self-report form, go here.

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