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April 19, 2010

Young Lawyers Launch “Touch 10,000” Outreach Program

Nearly 300 young lawyer members of the _ have joined forces to put a local face on this national organization through “Touch 10,000,” an outreach program to welcome new bar admittees to the practice of law and the ABA.

New bar admittees—lawyers who have recently passed their state bar examinations—receive their first year of ABA membership free of charge, but many are uncertain how to navigate an organization on a national level.

“This is a way to get new bar admittees plugged in early and to give them opportunities to really understand how they can use the ABA in the beginning of their careers and use it to build their careers,” said Eric Koester, membership director of Young Lawyers Division.

Koester’s committee recruited young lawyer ambassadors, who will call 10 to 20 new lawyers in their communities to encourage ABA involvement, identify relevant resources and share work experiences.

In addition, ambassadors are planning a series of Meet and Greet events to connect with the new lawyers on their call list.

An underlying message of the program is that lawyers as a profession are interested and willing to help each other, Koester said.  “I think this really leads to opportunities for collaboration and for the enhancement of the profession generally.”

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