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August 8, 2010

Nation’s New Indigent Defense Chief Praises Recent Supreme Court Pick, Proposition 8 Ruling

One of the nation’s top constitutional law experts shared his views on the nation’s newest Supreme Court associate justice and the recently overturned Proposition 8 in ”A Conversation with Larry Tribe, Senior Counselor for Access to Justice, U.S. Department of Justice” at the ABA Annual Meeting in San Francisco Saturday. 

The program featured Tribe fielding questions from Virginia Sloan, president of the Constitution Project, who noted that the Harvard Law School professor was missing the swearing-in ceremony for his former pupil and colleague, Elena Kagan.  Tribe predicted the newest associate justice’s ”wisdom and brilliance and thoughtfulness … will be a remarkable addition to the court.”

 When asked about the recent marriage equality ruling in California, Tribe said, “I think Proposition 8 violates the federal Constitution.” He predicted that Justice Kennedy would likely be the deciding vote in a split Supreme Court decision on the controversial measure. 

 Tribe also discussed his new role in improving the availability and quality of indigent defense, while enhancing civil legal representation for the middle class as well as the poor. 

 The program was sponsored by the ABA’s Section of Individual Rights and Responsibilities.