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August 9, 2010

Pro Bono is an Important Responsibility, ABA President Tells Members

ABA President Carolyn B. Lamm salutes Pro Bono Publico Award recipients for their contributions.

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  • Timothy Williams
    3:36 PM April 18, 2011

    I was disabled by a forklift while shopping in Home Depot. a 17 yr. old child was recklessly driving down the aisles as testified by co worker, breeching NY STATE LAWS and OSHA FEDERAL STATUTES.
    the initial firm representing Home Depot made a settlement offer of 7million dollars and my counsel requested I leave the magistrates chambers with my wife with no explanation. The claim ended up in a trumped of jury trial. There was no need for a trial the law was broken on a federal and state level. I have attempted to file a petition but my attention levels have been damaged by years of pain medication. I have the basis for a reversal, I am indigent, my wife fell victim to MS the same year and I lost a multi-million dollar construction firm building schools, prisons, homes, senior living facilities and work with other commercial clients. I invested our entire life savings all to be stolen by a failed judicial process. The magistrate owned significant shares of the defendants business and I WAS DENIED EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER THE LAW. I need legal assistance, to be compensated for the disability and the lasting pain and suffering. Please I beg for your assistance. M y station in life depends on your help.