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August 10, 2010

Zack Commission to Focus on Hispanics, Fastest Growing US Minority

Stephen N. Zack becomes first Hispanic-American president of the _.

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  • Ms. Su Jung Bai
    2:10 PM August 18, 2010

    I agree and disagree with your argument regarding your call to address the needs of the fastest growing minority population in the US. I agree with you that it is an issue that needs to be looked at seriously BUT NOT because they represent a growing voting bloc and therefore a powerful resource to tap into for future political legislation BUT because the majority who reside in US(13 million est. by the PEW HIspanic Center study) with 1 in 12 children being born to illegal immigrants, therefore the fastest growing segment of the minority population. The segment that I vehemently disagree with your comment is when you declare that the laws have to protect this minority group and ensure that it does NOT adversely affect other minority groups. That is exactly my point. I do NOT HARBOR any resentment towards ANYONE of ANY descent IF THEY ARE HERE LEGALLY and have obtained the rights to the legal system ensure by the Constitution of the United States, the supreme law of our land, to full protection IF THEY THEMSELVES have followed the same rules and laws to reside here legally. I say this because I am an immigrant myself and I also belong to a minority group, not of Hispanic descent. We arrived here having waited and being separated a year from our father because of the 1965 Naturalization and Immigration Law enacted to allow for ONLY 300,000 VISAS to ALL immigrants outside of the US. There was as expected a lengthy waiting list from our native developing country so we made the decision to sacrifice our economic, social and emotional toll to uproot our family to immigrate to America, the “land of opportunities” NOT BECAUSE OF THE ENTITLEMENTS and the government’s growing mentality that they have the sole function to take care of its citizens BUT because of the FREEDOM and RIGHTS of the individual in a society that values such rights – freedom of religion, not based on race, age, sex or socioeconomic standing BUT BASED on the individual RIGHT to pursue their own path towards success through education, hard-work and equal opportunity, all ensured by the current law in America. Not ONCE did we think we will never fail or never be downtrodden or unemployed because the government will NOT ALLOW THAT TO HAPPEN but as a segment of a minority population, we will be protected against discrimination or unequal opportunity IF WE HAVE MET ALL THE QUALIFICATIONS of all others. And this is the path we currently find outselves and I find it both troubling and annoying that you, being a president of an association, who announced recently that he will appoint Ted Olson and David Boies, two most distinguished ligators to fight for individuals right to fair representation.

    If I won the lotto today, the first thing I would do on behalf of ALL Americans is to employ Mr. Olson and Mr. Boies to fight to clarify the meaning of the 14th ammendment by the Supreme Court of the United States. I strongy believe with every ounce of my ethical and moral fiber in my body that the birthright citizenship WAS NOT MEANT to give legimacy and immedate rights to our valued citizenship to ANYONE who gives birth here in the US. In effect, IF that is the cause and the reason for many illegal immigrants traveling to US by crossing the border illegally, travelling with tourist VISA, or Student VISA or work permit VISA so they could give birth to a citizen purely by the child being born at an US hospital, that to me is a form of child-trafficking – illegal means of transferring an unborn child for illegal gain. Many pundits and politicians and VERY INTELLIGENT Americans have argued for and against the 14th ammendment birthright citizenship. Many arguing for it claim it is inhuman to deny children citizenship. They also say why we should penalize the baby just because the parents are committing a crime? And those arguing against it say that the illegal immigrants and those others who arrive here in US to give births are breaking the law and possibly a far fetched notion of bearing “terrorist babies” – all far left and far right viewpoints. But at the core argument for me is the VALUE of the citizenship what we as a nation have given it by having laws enacted for CITIZENS who can claim birthright/adoption citizenship for their babies and for the babies of foreign ambassadors who reside in US but they are not given birthright citizenship. What is the distinction between the foreign ambassadors, being under the jurisdiction of another country and the status of illegal immigrants who cross our borders illegally NOT HAVING GIVEN UP THEIR FORMER citizenship and those arriving here under tourist, student or work VISAS? Aren’t they all still citizens of another country, their native country because they have not given up their allegiance to their own birth country? That is the core argument. I can go on to cite many instances and consequences of our laws continuing to be evasive and therefore causing inflow of illegal immigrants and those finding ways to circumvent our laws and to manipulate them to their own advantage. But what becomes of our society and our democratic system IF AND WHEN our laws become SO tangled and SO evasive and SO ambiguous that more crooks, theives, politicians and others will find loopholes to bring our society tumbling down? I do not fear for myself but for my own family of next generation who will wake up one day and wonder what their parents and grandparents did to their country to make their lives so complex and burdensome???