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November 30, 2010

President Zack Calls for Passage of the DREAM Act

ABA President Stephen Zack

ABA President Stephen Zack

Children in the United States should have the opportunity to fulfill their potential and contribute to the welfare and security of this country.

It should be the policy of our nation to promote and reward young scholars and the selfless heroism of those who volunteer to protect us.  The DREAM Act serves this purpose.

The _ urges Congress to pass the DREAM Act and work towards sensible immigration reform.

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    5:24 PM December 2, 2010
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  • Robin Hvidston
    11:44 AM December 3, 2010

    Those in the USA illegally should not be rewarded. U.S. citizens children are suffering all across the nation – legislation should focus on the desperate plight of American families, not illegal aliens.

  • mary ann rohde
    6:00 PM December 3, 2010

    Does no one in America know the meaning of ILLEGAL?
    Our country should not be rewarding illegal aliens for breaking the laws of our land, when we have LEGAL AMERICAN adults and children SUFFERING.
    Why on Earth would an Attorney, who should know the law, endorse a law for law breakers?

  • Scott McIntosh
    7:01 PM December 3, 2010

    My family over the years has payed its own way. It is incredible to thing by crossing our border illegally that you will be given free food medical
    care and free education. I will be paying for that with my taxes. If this country is worth crossing a border for a better life then people can become citizens and pay their own way. Illegal is illegal and should not be reworded.

  • Boyd Maddox
    9:28 PM December 3, 2010

    The Senate and House are looking for ways to cut spending and at the same time Harry Reed wants to spend 200+ Billion on the Dream Act to support Illegals.

  • Joyce Walter
    10:47 PM December 3, 2010

    I do believe Stephen Zack is losing his sanity….how in the world did he PASS the Bar, let alone become its President?? Does he not know the meaning of the word “illegal”, as criminally breaking the law….yet, he thinks we should reward these criminals, while our own U.S. citizens are hurting financially in every respect. I, along with millions of other U.S. citizens, totally resent the thought of ANY of our tax money being spent on these illegals for any purpose!! Shame on you, Stephen Zack!!

  • Lucy
    11:49 PM December 3, 2010

    You are not upholding the constitution or do not know the laws we have in our country. U.S.A. This is unreasonable.illegbal is illegal. come in the way all immigrants do. and always have according to our laws. Freedom is not free and I know of no one who deserves a free pass without doing the right thing.

  • George Gush
    12:39 AM December 4, 2010

    Sure Obama calls out for ideas to create jobs while millions of illegal aliens take them from Americans with his encouragement. Unemployed homeless Americans sleeping under bridges while this fool President of the Bar Association supports illegal alien anchor babies who should not even be in the country. What’s wrong here tax payers? Oh yeah, lawyers get paid to handle immigration cases! That justifies it! For money, screw the laws of the land. But your job he doesn’t care about.

  • Doris Winham
    2:28 PM December 4, 2010

    My son has worked and put himself through college without any finacial aid or grants. We do not owe illegal immigrants anything.

  • Ed Smith
    7:15 PM December 4, 2010

    This kind of reasoning shows how this country is going down to defeat – not by war with a foreign nation but by self destruction. There are many warnings about the troubles ahead and for selfish reasons here is the head of the ABA playing the traitor’s role!

  • Ed Smith
    7:15 PM December 4, 2010

    This kind of reasoning shows how this country is going down to defeat – not by war with a foreign nation but by self destruction. There are many warnings about the troubles ahead and for selfish reasons here is the head of the ABA playing the traitor’s role!

  • Cathy Cushman
    6:06 PM December 5, 2010

    President Zack should be disbarred for supporting the DREAM act for illegal aliens. He is supposed to stand for the rule of law, not ignore it. These illegal aliens need to be deported back to their own countries. They are a drain on our economy, hospitals, schools, and prisons. History has shown that any kind of amnesty, which this is, leads to more illegal immigration into our country. This DREAM ACT is a nightmare for all American citizens.

  • Thomas Fay
    7:51 PM December 5, 2010

    What don’t you understand about the word ILLEGAL?
    Every ILLEGAL should be deported, bar none, I don’t care if they were born to ILLEGAL parents or not, Deport all of them, Lets take back our Country. Do you realize how much money this Country could save? In fact if California was to Deport all ILLEGALS they would not be Bankrupt, but too do that would mean that the DEMOCRATS would never hold office again anywhere in the Country.

  • Jim Davis
    10:01 PM December 5, 2010

    We need border security first,
    No Dream, No talk, No amnesty, we don’t owe citizenship to anyone.

  • joan
    10:56 PM December 5, 2010

    WHAT IS IT YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND ABOUT ILLEGAL? Seems as though our representives don’t care about OUR COUNTRY anymore. If ALL the illegals were sent home, and stayed home, we wouldn’t be so far in debt and our Emergency Rooms wouldn’t have to close their doors. There are so many Americans out of jobs because of the illegals. The Dream Act should not be allowed to pass.

  • Betty McClain
    12:05 AM December 6, 2010

    No wonder our country is in the shape it is. People with no common sense in charge.

  • Griz
    12:51 AM December 6, 2010

    I do not have a problem with people trying to have a better life but there is a way to come into this country as my ancestors did, legally. I am retired military and at times I feel as though those that come here illegally have more or better care than I do. If you are going to come to this country, do it legally and gosh darn it learn to speak English or go back to the country you came from.

  • Ohioan
    5:36 PM December 10, 2010

    I commend the ABA for standing up for the DREAM Act and for the very American principle that individuals should have opportunity on their own merits, rather than punished for the decisions of their parents.

  • Ohioan
    5:41 PM December 10, 2010

    To the writers above–first of all, read the latest bill, not the distortions and lies spread about it. There are all kinds of hurdles and fees over THIRTEEN years’ time that a youth needs to get through under the DREAM Act before becoming a citizen. There’s NO amnesty involved: 1) it’s not a quick, cheap, or easy way out of their situation, and 2) the beneficiaries of the DREAM Act are not guilty of any crime. They came to the US before age 16, in obedience to their parents.