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January 17, 2011

President Zack Statement Re: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

ABA President Stephen N. Zack

ABA President Stephen N. Zack

Today the _ celebrates the life, commitment to justice and dauntless courage of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

America has advanced in remarkable ways, thanks to the leadership and perseverance of leaders like Dr. King. He was an extraordinary inspiration.

The inspiration he sparked must not be snuffed out. As far as we have come, we need a lot more progress toward creating a society in which one is judged by the content of one’s character, not the color of one’s skin.

The ABA clearly recognizes that the face of the American justice system does not yet look like the face of today’s America. Minorities must play a much larger role in this country’s rule of law by serving as lawyers, judges and other legal professionals.

It’s also important to respond to trends of today that reflect Dr. King’s vision of more than 40 years ago. For example, Latinos are now the fastest growing minority in the United States, yet they can be disconnected from U.S. civics and the justice system. The ABA’s newly formed Commission on Hispanic Legal Rights and Responsibilities is working to ensure that Hispanics fully integrate into American society.

The _ is committed to diversity and the advancement of all people of color in the United States. Dr King’s life and legacy is our guide in this mission.

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