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January 16, 2011

President Zack Statement Re: Religious Freedom Day

It is fitting that the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights strongly protects Americans’ freedom to choose and express their individual faith. This country is fortunate that our founders recognized the importance of creating a country where church and state were clearly separate. That’s why, 225 years ago today, Thomas Jefferson’s landmark Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom was adopted by the Virginia General Assembly, and why this date is celebrated as National Religious Freedom Day.

Our freedoms, including freedom of religion, are core to the ideals of the rule of law and a democratic society. For more than two centuries, this has served as a point of pride and one of the many reasons America remains a beacon for so many around the world. Because of religious freedom, the United States is a dynamic, richly diverse society full of people who hold true to their personal beliefs and values. That’s an amazing legacy. The American legal community celebrates the visionary views of our founders and others who have fought through the years to safeguard such basic values. We commit ourselves and our skills to continuing to protect such principles for generations to come.

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