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February 15, 2011

President-Elect Robinson Discusses Public Service with Atlanta High School Students

Students have strong interest in civics and public service


High school students from the D.M. Therrell School of Law, Government and Public Policy spoke with _ President-elect Wm. T. (Bill) Robinson III before attending the ABA House of Delegates session at the association’s Midyear Meeting in Atlanta on Feb. 14.

In addressing the students, Robinson spoke about the significance of the ABA and what it does.  He also discussed the House of Delegates—the policymaking body of the association—and prepared the students for what they would see moments later during the House deliberations. Robinson explained that there are different types of resolutions on which the delegates vote, and noted that any member of the House of Delegates could debate any given resolution.

In addition to talking about the association, Robinson noted the significance of the roles lawyers have in society and their capacity to do good works within their individual communities.

The students—sophomores enrolled in a legal ethics class—attend a unique high school whose central focus is to develop student’s critical thinking skills necessary for success in college and the workplace, in addition to the mandatory high school curriculum. Additionally, the goal of the school is to provide students with the knowledge and capability needed to contribute to the civic and public service needs of the community.

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