March 25, 2011


Testimony given to Latino community leaders and lawyers today in New York showed some surprising statistics.

  • 90 percent of immigrants deported from the United States are from Latin America, though 78 percent of all immigrants are from Latin America.
    - from Manuel Vargas, founder, Immigrant Defense Project
  • NYPD stop and frisks — in which a police officer who believes a person is acting suspiciously checks the person’s body for concealed weapons — increased 600 percent since 2002.
  • 60 percent of frisks are conducted on blacks and Latinos even though they make up only 50 percent of the population of New York.
    - from Darius Charney, Center for Constitutional Rights
  • 26 million people speak Spanish at home in the United States.
  • 30 percent of these don’t speak English.
  • In New York, 4 million residents speak a language other than English at home.
  • In New York, 1 million residents don’t speak English at all.
    - from  Theo Oshiro, Make The Road New York