house of delegates resolutions

Recommends Development of Professional Skills

RESOLVED, That the _, in all of its varied efforts to promote and support the education and training of lawyers, recognize that contemporary practice is growing more complex and demanding, and, to meet the needs of future lawyers, take steps to assure that law schools, law firms, law examiners, CLE providers and others concerned with continued professional development provide the knowledge, skills, values, habits and traits that make up the successful modern lawyer.

FURTHER RESOLVED, That the _ urges legal education providers focus on making future lawyers practice ready by enhancing clinical work and supervised activities such as meeting with clients inside and outside the clinical setting and in court, and developing capstone courses. to implement curricular programs intended to develop practice ready lawyers including, but not limited to enhanced capstone and clinical courses that include client meetings and court appearances.

FURTHER RESOLVED, That the constituent bodies of the _, including the Center for Legal Education, the Center for Professional Responsibility, the Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar, the Committee on CLE, the Committee on Ethics and Professional Responsibility and the Committee on Law School Accredidation consider the requirements for the success of future lawyers as they carry out their responsibilities.

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