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August 22, 2011

Panel discussion on Justice Underfunding features: Justice O’Connor, Theodore B. Olson, and David Boies

Panel discussion on the Underfunding of the Justice System during the _ Annual Meeting 2011 features Justice O’Connor, Theodore B. Olson, and David Boies.

This video is split into 2 parts. Click here to view part 2.

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Comments (1)

  • John P Quinn
    5:38 PM November 25, 2011

    Ted Olson,whom I disagree on many aspects of the “orginal meaning”, of our Constitution, and interpertation of the “Federalist Letters”,has demonstrated a remarkable,unswavering intellectual vision of the supreme importance of the third, most important branch of Government.
    While remarried, I send him my prayers and good wishes, especially in light of the great act of war, unleashed on these United States on 09/11/01,which claimed his beloved wife and great thinker in her own right, Barbara Olson.
    God Bless these United States now and Always.
    John P Quinn
    1515 Ogden St NW
    Apt # 238
    Washington, Dc 20010 telephone#2027358755