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August 7, 2011

Surviving a Disaster: Are You Prepared?

Whether it’s as small as a burst pipe or an electrical outage, or as devastating as a hurricane or a tornado, disaster can strike anyone, anywhere, at anytime.  Alarmingly, almost half of America’s law firms do not have a business continuity plan, and when disaster occurs, the clients of these firms will be left without the important documents kept with their lawyers – critically impairing access to justice for millions.

With more than 220 federally declared disasters already this year, the _ has undertaken a critical initiative to raise awareness of the vital need for disaster planning among legal professionals.

“Surviving Disaster: Are You Prepared?” is a seven-minute video that succinctly communicates the need for planning and the ramifications of ignoring the inevitable. Utilizing first-hand accounts from sadder-but-wiser lawyers who thought “it” could never happen to them, the video is emotionally impactful, creating a persuasive case for planning efforts.

To help lawyers get started, the video also introduces this free resource: Surviving a Disaster: A Lawyer’s Guide to Disaster Planning.

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