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September 29, 2011

Carolyn B. Lamm Featured on “Most Powerful Women” List

Carolyn Lamm, Former ABA PresidentCarolyn B. Lamm, partner at White & Case and former _ president, is one of the most powerful women in the nation’s capital.

According to the Washingtonian magazine, Lamm is among the 100 Most Powerful Women in Washington.  In 2009, she became the first Washington lawyer to head the ABA since 1958.

Lamm received her copy of the Washingtonian last weekend. “I opened it and I was really surprised to see it,” Lamm said.  “It wasn’t one of those mentions that you apply for or pay for.  I was really delighted to see it.”

According to the story, it has been, “a very good year for women in Washington.” However, as Washingtonian Lifestyle editor Leslie Milk—who has compiled the list for the last three decades—admitted, “There still are some panes in the glass ceiling.”

Based on statistics in the article, there was only one woman on the 2011 list of 50 highest-paid public company CEOs and very few female university presidents in the area.

As to gains, more than 45 percent of women in the Washington area have a bachelor’s degree, and more than 1 in 5 have earned graduate or professional degrees. The article also noted that 47 percent of first-year students at Georgetown University Law Center are women and 57 percent of students at George Washington University medical school are women.

While president of the ABA, Lamm initiated a Diversity Commission, which conducted studies and provided practical resources and guidance to help shatter the glass ceiling for women lawyers as well as for lawyers of color, disabled lawyers, lawyers of differing sexual preferences, and young and senior lawyers.  “I focused my energy helping women and others move forward,” Lamm added.

The Washingtonian magazine compiled the list by keeping a pulse on people who have an influence in the city.

“Leslie really keeps her eye out for people and does a lot of interviews,” said Garrett M. Graff, editor-in-chief of the Washingtonian. “She compiles it to reflect the depth and breadth of Washington. For some, it is a surprise.”

Other notables mentioned under the law section of the list: Ruth Bader Ginsburg, associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, and Elena Kagan, also an associate justice of the high court.

Lamm continues to work on the ABA Commission on Ethics 20/20 initiative she created involving globalization and technological changes in the profession; issues involving judicial appointments; and matters relating to lawyers in foreign markets.

She will be a keynote speaker Oct. 7 at the 100th anniversary of the Icelandic Bar Association in Reykjavik. Lamm will speak about the rule of law and the significant role that lawyers play in transforming society.

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  • Russ Zanca
    4:23 PM September 29, 2011

    Why does she support Karimov in Uzbekistan?