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September 23, 2011

“Courts, Business and the Economy” Focus of Kentucky Court Crisis Symposium (Part 2)

An expert panel explores the role of courts in maintaining a viable economy by assuring businesses have access to a fully functional court system.  Panelists agree that while it is the responsibility of the courts to maximize efficiencies, bar associations and businesses can collaborate in order to promote solutions to state legislatures.

The 90-minute session, “Courts, Business and the Economy,”  is part of a Sept. 23-24 symposium on state court underfunding, sponsored by the Kentucky Law Journal, the _ and the National Center for State Courts.

Panelists in order of appearance:

Donna Melby, former President, American Board of Trial Advocates

Maureen O’Connor, Chief Justice, Ohio Supreme Court

Stephen N. Zack, Immediate Past President, ABA

Jack Jacobs, Justice,  Delaware Supreme Court

Jon Mills, former Speaker, Florida House of Representatives

Lisa Rickard, President, Institute for Legal Reform, U.S. Chamber of Commerce

This video is in two parts. Click here to view part 1.