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October 14, 2011

Radio News Release: National Estate Planning Awareness Week

Announcer:  Many of us don’t like to plan ahead.  And we certainly don’t like to plan for what will happen after we’re gone.  But this is National Estate Planning Awareness Week and the _ is encouraging you to create or update your estate plan.  Jo Ann Engelhardt from the ABA Section of Real Property Trust and Estate Law says it doesn’t matter how old you are or how much money you make:

Jo Ann Engelhardt:  If you don’t have a plan, many of your assets–including your life savings–may end up in dispute or subject to the laws in your state.  A well-drawn plan reflects your wishes.  If you have loved ones with special needs or you’ve been divorced, you can’t leave things to chance.

Announcer:  Information about estate planning is available on the ABA website at www.estateplanhelp.org.  That’s estate planhelp.org.  I’m John Driden.

Visit the ABA’s Estate Planning FAQ

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