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Urges Law School Admission Tests to Accommodate Those with Disabilities

RESOLVED, That the _ urges all entities that administer a law school admission test to provide appropriate accommodations for a test taker with a disability to best ensure that the exam results reflect what the exam is designed to measure, and not the test taker’s disability.

FURTHER RESOLVED, That the _ urges all entities that administer, score, or report the results of a law school admission test to establish procedures to ensure that the application process, the scoring of the test, and the reporting of test scores is consistent for all applicants and does not differentiate on the basis that an applicant received an accommodation for a disability.

FURTHER RESOLVED, That the _ urges all entities that administer a law school admission test to:

  1. Make readily accessible to applicants the policies, guidelines, and administrative procedures used for granting accommodations requested by those with disabilities;
  2. Give notice to applicants, within a reasonable period of time, whether or not requested accommodations have been granted; and
  3. Provide a fair process for timely reconsideration of the denial of requested accommodations.

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    7:42 PM February 6, 2012
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    ... Resolution 111, which was approved by the policy-making body on Monday, urges entities that administer law school admission tests to provide appropriate accommodations for test-takers with disabilities. The resolution had multiple sponsors, including the ABA Commission on Disability Rights. ...

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    12:58 PM February 17, 2012
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  • G-d!:)
    2:00 PM February 20, 2012

    Mazel Tov!

  • Eden
    11:05 PM March 25, 2012

    you switch to the ohervead projector, is it possible to keep basic black text on white background, and have the notes for class available for print out? A lot of students appreciate the notes already written/printed for a lot of different reasons, some like to add in their own notes while still being able to have the original idea’ so to speak, some lose focus during class, and even those who have a difficult time showing up still have access to the lecture. And the greatest thing about just having print-outs is that a student wouldn’t even have request accommodations for it, especially if they were for all the students.And I know in my school, with the lights in the classroom, different ones turn off and on, so you might be able to work out a seating and lighting arrangement that would be effective. In response to the article, I like it a lot. It is really easy to tell which professors are willing to be open to accommodations and helping the students succeed and which ones don’t care/are on a power trip/generally ableist all around. The problem (apart from the ableist teachers making the problems) is that you don’t know how ableist the prof is until you begin discussing your accommodations, even if they say they’re open about it in class.