Children and the Internet – A Global Guide for Lawyers and Parents

CHICAGO, April 24, 2012—The protection of children as they explore and utilize the Internet is a global concern for parents, schools, organizations interacting with children and lawyers. A new book, Children and the Internet –  A Global Guide for Lawyers and Parents, published by the _, highlights what parents, schools and organizations, as well as their legal and security advisors, must know and do to proactively address this increasingly important and complex area.

With special summaries written for parents in each chapter (“Points for Parents”) and in-depth legal, technical, and procedural explanations and analysis for lawyers as well as for teachers and information security and privacy advisors in schools and organizations, the book simultaneously speaks to all of these audiences. It is organized to allow these disparate groups of readers to follow sequentially or to choose chapters of immediate interest.

The introduction sets the stage by laying out the reasons why these stakeholders must vigorously pursue their respective roles. The book then describes the Internet world that children inhabit, in terms of the services, technologies and access devices they utilize. Written from a global perspective, the book focuses on children from around the world and highlights the differences and similarities of children of different ages, genders, cultures and geographic locations.

The book explains the risks that children experience in their interactions with the Internet, not only children actively participating, but children victimized by malicious users of the Internet. It also describes risks for parents of these children. To help combat these risks, the book looks at the international conventions and efforts underway by public organizations and public-private partnerships. Readers will also find a review of the U.S. and international laws dealing with cybercrime, data protection and child-specific issues, as well as the difficulties of addressing multiple legal regimes. Full of practical guidance, the book includes a methodology for each type of stakeholder to assess the risks to children, suggests appropriate risk treatments and shows how each stakeholder can get started.

Up to date through March 2012, Children and the Internet – A Global Guide for Lawyers and Parents is sprinkled throughout with current examples of how children use the Internet, the risks that arise, and what can happen when those risks are manifested. It covers the latest technologies used by children—such as social networking, mobile phones, mobile payment systems, virtual worlds and gaming—with practical recommendations to address each.

Attorney Thomas J. Shaw is the book’s author. He is the author of two legal technology books in 2011 and of numerous articles and presentations on technology and the law, and is the editor/founder of two ABA publications on the latest developments in Internet and information law and technology. With significant expertise and certifications in Internet and information law, risk, privacy, audit, IT and security; two decades living outside the United States; and experience as a father, Shaw is uniquely positioned to identify and explain the issues and solutions affecting children and their use of the Internet.

Title: Children and the Internet – A Global Guide for Lawyers and Parents
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