ABA Urges Congress Take Action to Curb Gun Violence

WASHINGTON, D.C., Jan. 30, 2013 — _ President Laurel Bellows emphasized the association’s support for legislation to address gun violence in written comments prepared for a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing being held today.

Noting that the ABA has advocated for better regulation of firearms since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, Bellows said that “The ABA continues to believe that our nation’s laws can be significantly strengthened by taking reasonable, common-sense steps that do not violate the constitutional right to bear arms … or that would unreasonably impinge on gun owner traditions and ordinary uses of firearms.”

In the written testimony, the ABA urges the committee to:

  • Expand background check requirements and fully implement the National Instant Check System.
  • Provide greater resources to prosecutors and enact stronger laws to prevent and address gun trafficking.
  • Limit the availability of assault weapons and high-capacity magazines to the U.S. military, the National Guard and law enforcement.

Bellows also called on Congress to amend federal law to remedy a host of issues that impinge on public safety, including firearm access by persons convicted of violent misdemeanors, and interstate ammunition and firearms sales by unlicensed sellers.

ABA President Bellows’ full testimony is available here.

Additional information about the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing is available here.

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