Exonerated Death Row Prisoner Among Panelists at Free Live Streaming ‘Gideon v. Wainwright’ Program

Jan. 8, 2013 — An exonerated death row prisoner from Texas will be among the panelists at an _ Section of Litigation program commemorating the 50th anniversary of the landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision Gideon v. Wainwright.  This program, held on Jan. 18, will be streamed live for free via the Internet and mobile devices.

In the Gideon case, the court overturned Clarence Earl Gideon’s conviction and unanimously ruled that the 14th Amendment to the Constitution requires states to provide counsel to defendants in felony criminal cases if they are unable to hire an attorney.  Panelists will discuss progress made in the 50 years since the Gideon decision and identify hurdles that remain.  For the poor, those challenges include finding competent counsel; for attorneys, they are inadequate resources and overwhelming caseloads.

The panelists include Anthony Graves, an exonerated death row prisoner from Texas, Bruce Jacob, dean emeritus and professor of criminal law at Stetson University College of Law, and Carlos J. Martinez, public defender, Miami Dade County.  The program will be moderated by JoAnne A. Epps, dean of Temple Beasley School of Law.  In addition, there will be a short video interview between Robin Maher, director of the ABA Death Penalty Representation Project, and Anthony Lewis, a former New York Times journalist who wrote Gideon’s Trumpet.

Online participants are encouraged to submit questions that will be answered during this interactive program.

The 50th Anniversary of Gideon v. Wainwright

Friday, January, 18, 2013
10:30 a.m. – Noon EST

To live stream the event on Jan. 18, click here.

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