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February 10, 2013

Voices for Victims: Lawyers Against Human Trafficking


This video is the first of its kind to answer President Obama’s recent call to end human trafficking, “one of the greatest human rights abuses of our time.” More than just a call to action, the video is the centerpiece of the first and only tool to provide America’s lawyers with the guidance to help trafficking victims.

Already seen by thousands of attorneys across the nation, the video’s reach will be multiplied considerably as the _ recruits from among its nearly 400,000 members to lead the nation in its fight to protect victims and prosecute traffickers.

The video is part of a year-long ABA effort to fight trafficking, and includes tangible courses of action and solutions for lawyers who want to enlist in the fight. Underscoring the relevance and importance of the video, Ambassador Luis CdeBaca from the Obama administration said, “Victims of trafficking are vulnerable because they don’t have a voice in society. And what do lawyers do? We give other people a voice.”

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Human Trafficking Tool Kit for Bar Associations

The video includes expertise and commentary from some of the most prominent professionals addressing the problem of trafficking, including:

  • Ambassador Luis CdeBaca, U.S. Department of State;
  • Lori Cohen, Sanctuary For Families;
  • Thomas Dart, Cook County Sheriff;
  • Tina Frundt, Courtney’s House;
  • Kaethe Morris Hoffer, Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation;
  • Norma Ramos, Coalition Against Trafficking in Women;
  • Kate Mogulescu, The Legal Aid Society; and
  • Kavitha Sreeharsha, Global Freedom Center, among others.

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