Gambling business in Slovenia

sloveniaSlovenia is a state in central Europe, since 2004 the republic has been a member of the European Union. In Slovenia, there are practically no restrictions on admission to gambling. Most modern types of gambling are available to residents and guests of the country. You can play both in land-based establishments, of which there are more than 10 in Slovenia, and in online casinos.

Slovenian gambling legislation

Gambling in Slovenia is regulated by the 2012 Gambling Law (Zakon o igrah na srečo). The objectives of this regulation are:

  • creating the possibility of gambling in an orderly and controlled environment;
  • prevention of money laundering, fraud and other illegal activities;
  • protection of minors and other vulnerable persons from the development of gambling addiction.

In Slovenian legislation, several types of gambling are distinguished:

  1. games in which participants play against each other (poker, baccarat, etc.);
  2. card games in which the gambler is opposed to the casino;
  3. dice games (craps, tai sai, etc.);
  4. Board games;
  5. lotteries (including bingo, keno, etc.);
  6. slot machines;
  7. sports betting and racing.

All persons who have reached the age of 18 and are not included in the restrictive lists are allowed to play. The gambling house has the right to refuse a player’s visit. This is possible if the person has been noticed in violation of the rules of conduct and foul play.

To work in a casino, the applicant must obtain a special permit. It is issued by a special commission. To obtain it, the applicant must confirm that he has the required qualification level and has no criminal record.

The State Tax Service (Davčna uprava Republike Slovenije) and the Ministry of the Interior (Ministrstvo za notranje zadeve Republike Slovenije) are responsible for monitoring compliance with gambling legislation.

Licensing of gambling in Slovenia

The Ministry of Finance (Ministrstvo za finance) and the Government of the Republic of Slovenia (Vlada Republike Slovenije) issue licenses to organize gambling in Slovenia. The activity can be carried out by a limited liability company that is ready to conclude a concession agreement with the authorities. To obtain a license, you must submit an application that will contain the following information:

  • name and legal address of the company;
  • charter and extract from the court register;
  • a business plan for a period of at least 3 years;
  • description of the casino;
  • the rules of each game;
  • detailed information about the owners of the company;
  • planned rules of internal control;
  • data on the gaming devices used.

When making a decision, the following factors are taken into account: the impact on the tourist attractiveness of the region, the current number of objects in the gambling industry and other circumstances. Before issuing a permit, the authorities are required to obtain the consent of neighboring local communities. According to Slovenian laws, the maximum number of simultaneously valid licenses for casinos is 15, and for gambling halls – 45. The minimum authorized capital is 416,000 EUR, and a bank guarantee is 50% of this amount.

Online casinos in Slovenia

Amendments concerning the activities of online casinos were introduced into Slovenian legislation in 2016. They are based on EU Directive 2015/1535 of 9 September 2015, which sets out the procedure for the provision of information in the field of technical regulations and rules for information society services. According to the adopted provisions, on the territory of the Republic of Slovenia, online casinos with an appropriate license can operate.

Obtaining a permit is possible under the same conditions as for land-based establishments. The operator is obliged to ensure that the following conditions are met:

  1. the organization of games must be carried out through controlled and secure telecommunication channels;
  2. mandatory warning of players about possible risks;
  3. the establishment of restrictions that do not allow minors to take part in gambling;
  4. ensuring responsible gaming;
  5. observance of guarantees of fair play.

Slovenia provides for a mechanism to minimize financial damage to players. It consists in determining the maximum amount of funds that a gambler is willing to spend on a monthly basis. After this limit expires, the user is blocked from accessing the online casino. Similar mechanisms are used in Sweden and other EU countries. In addition, in Slovenia there is the possibility of self-limiting access to gambling entertainment. The player has the right to write a corresponding application, after which land-based and online casinos can no longer provide services to him.

Before the operator receives a license, he needs to provide a package of technical documentation that will confirm compliance with existing requirements.

Popular online casinos and games is one of the most visited online casinos among Slovenian players. This service was one of the first to receive an official license. The site has the ability to play slots, table games and instant lotteries. In addition, the following resources are popular among Slovenian players:

  1. Bet365;
  2. Omnislots;
  3. NetBet;
  4. 32Red;
  5. Casino-X.

The most popular slots in Slovenia

The most popular slot machine according to Slovenian online casinos is Book of Ra from the Austrian manufacturer Greentube with an Egyptian theme. Slovenian players also enjoy the following slot machines:

  • Lucky Lady’s Charm;
  • Rex;
  • Plenty on Twenty;
  • Sizzling Hot Deluxe;
  • Starburst.

There is no information about well-known Slovenian gambling software developers. Products of such manufacturers are popular in the country: Greentube, NetEnt and Playtech.

Prospects for the development of the Slovenian gambling market

Slovenia’s gambling business is stable, and due to the fact that the country is a member of the European Union, there are no preconditions for tightening the legislation in the field of gambling management. Since the law on the regulation of online casinos was adopted relatively recently, there is reason to expect further stability in this market segment.

Slovenia is one of the countries where gambling is reasonably regulated. If a player has reason to believe that gambling is capable of causing him financial damage, he has the opportunity to protect himself from such a risk. There are no unjustified prohibitive measures on the territory of the republic, and comfortable and safe working conditions have been created for operators.

Gambling business in Slovenia

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