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Gambling in Turkey is tightly regulated. While this large country, straddling the boundary between Europe and Asia, is noted for a passionate love of sport in general and football in particular, the government has taken steps to keep gambling under tight control. Sports betting, horse racing and lotteries are the only three permitted gambling options available to punters in Turkey. The physical casinos are closed since 1998 and their online counterparts logging off following new legislation in 2007.

Luckily for us, online sports betting is still permitted – indeed, the Turkish government operates one of the country’s most popular betting sites, And Nesine is the biggest player in this market. Operating since 2006 as part of Doğan Holding, Nesine has reinforced its success thanks to a strong relationship with the newspapers and magazines owned by the same conglomerate – most notably Fanatik, one of Turkey’s leading sports publications. In recent years, the Nesine site has enjoyed an unintended boost following a crackdown on foreign bookmakers operating in the country. The Turkish government sought to fine not only international companies accepting online bets from Turkey, but also brought cases against bettors using sites that are not registered locally. All of which makes Nesine a more attractive bet for most users.

Nesine has also made some judicious sponsorship arrangements within its own markets. In the past, Nesine enjoyed a close relationship with Istanbul football giant Besiktas, which extended to providing a bespoke TV channel for the club. Today, though, Nesine is partnered with the other big clubs beside the Bosporus, Galatasaray and Fenerbahce. As well as football partnerships, Nesine was among the sponsors of Eskisehir Basket and helped the provincial team rise from the second tier of Turkish basketball to qualification for the Basketball Champions League before the club folded in 2018. There’s still plenty of bounce in the PR department, though: Nesine sponsors the national basketball championship and partners the EuroLeague.

All of the company’s online betting services are available at The Nesine site is accessible from the UK, but it only operates in Turkish and setting up an account from outside of the country may be difficult.



Since Nesine operates exclusively in Turkish, it makes for an interesting test of intuitive design. First impressions suggest a colourful display with a strong local focus. Visiting a betting site on a Sunday afternoon usually brings news of the big games and hottest offers on Premier League football in England, sometimes with a nod towards British horse racing or top European fixtures. Here in Nesine, though, the emphasis is strongly on Turkish sport. The upcoming Istanbul derby between Fenerbahce and Besiktas dominates the day’s offers; an ongoing basketball international between Turkey and the Netherlands gets the top billing for in-running action, although there’s a promise of a live stream of Serie A football between AC Milan and Fiorentina.

Navigating around Nesine’s site is surprisingly straightforward. The pictograms clearly communicate concepts like ‘in-play’ (Canli, if you’re looking to pick up some Turkish) and, of course, many team names are recognizable. Horse racing is surprisingly hard to find at first glance: the ‘At Yarisi’ box to the right of the top menu bar takes you there. Most of the cards come from Turkish tracks – pretty niche for European punters – but big meetings at Deauville and Philadelphia were also available.

Once you’ve found your sport and your preferred market in Nesine, clicking on the price you want to take creates a small icon to the bottom right of the screen. Marked ‘Oran’, this allows access to a bet slip, from where things proceed as normal. Registration and login options in  Nesine are up at the top of the screen, where you would expect. Since casinos, slots and poker are prohibited in Turkey, none of these can be found on the Nesine site.



Nesine is a sportsbook and nothing else. There are no distractions from casinos, card games or lotteries. It’s pure and simple betting on the sport.

Since Nesine is a Turkish bookmaker, its choice of markets follows Turkey’s sporting passions. So that means lots of football, lots of basketball and a smattering of horse racing. You won’t find offers about rugby or cricket here, nor winter sports. US sports are represented but don’t come as a priority. It’s a limited range by the standards of most big European bookies.

The odds are another issue. At the time of writing, we were midway through the second half of Arsenal’s home game with Wolves in the English Premier League. Wolves, leading 2-1, were listed at 1.3 on Nesine, while most UK-based sites were offering 1.44 or better. Arsenal, widely available at 11.0 in the UK, were a miserly 7.75 on Nesine. The draw was 2.8 in Turkey against 3.5 or so in Britain. It seems pretty clear that Nesine is happy to take advantage of a lack of competition in its domestic market – remember, there are only seven available bookmakers in Turkey, including Nesine – to offer uncompetitive odds.

On the bright side, at least the Arsenal game was available in-play. It was one of just 12 football matches from around the world that was open for live betting. At the same time, Paddy Power had more than 20 games on the go, delving deep into the Central American leagues and even offering a bit of Argentinian women’s football. As for other sports, Nesine had two basketball games on offer and nothing more. By European standards, it’s an unimpressive offer. Live streaming is available, although with few games in-play there are, of course, few streams to watch. Instead, Nesine TV provides on-going commentary and discussion of the action from a TV studio – think Sky Soccer Saturday, but in Turkish.

Nesine offers an app and, unusually, in addition to the usual Android and iOS options, there’s a Huawei version. Interestingly, on the website, several games are tagged with ‘Izle’ and come with a note saying they are available on the apps. Whether that refers to a stream, or whether other markets are only available on the website is not clear.



In short, there aren’t any. Nesine is restricted by Turkish legislation, which places strict controls on how gambling can be advertised and promoted. Therefore, the kind of ‘bet and get’ offers we’re used to at home cannot be offered here. Where the Nesine website looks to promote specific up-coming games (such as that Fenerbahce vs Besiktas derby), it focuses on the range of bets available, rather than price boosts and the like. It’s a cultural difference, of course, but one that makes Nesine look less attractive than the sportsbooks that dominate the UK markets.



The box to sign up is in the top right-hand corner, with ‘Hemen Uye Ol’ on a green background. Clicking here takes you to a registration page which requests the usual information required to open an account. However, it also demands a Turkish ID number (TK Kimlik No), or an equivalent ID number issued to foreign residents in Turkey. For many Nesine users outside of the country, therefore, this is likely to be the end of the line.


Financial information operates exclusively in Turkish and exclusively in Turkish Lire. It is possible to make deposits using 17 different banks, plus Fast Pay. Depending on your service, you can make transactions using online banking, telephone banking and ATMs. Withdrawals can be made to the same financial services and the minimum is 10 Turkish Lire.


Customer Service

Nesine offers an extensive FAQ, helpfully separated into key topics. There is also a 24-hour telephone hotline and an email support service for more complicated queries. In this sense, it is not very different from a lot of major European bookmakers. However, there is no sign of any online chat or support via social media. That’s something Nesine could look into adding.


Security and reliability

In order to operate in Turkey, Nesine is obliged to have a license with the Turkish authorities. Precise details of this are scarce on the site, but the ‘about us’ section has links to information about how financial transactions are secured. Nesine’s security systems are endorsed by GlobalSign. As for the organisation’s financial stability, it is part of one of Turkey’s biggest businesses. Dogan Holding is a huge conglomerate with interests in media and tourism as well as industry. Hopefully, therefore, there is significant financial muscle behind the operation and your cash is safe from being lost due to insolvency.


What’s missing?

Nesine is clearly a good bet for anyone who fancies a flutter in Turkey. Equally clearly, though, it’s an operation focussed firmly on its home market with few apparent plans to expand into Europe. Whether that’s a question of dealing with the legislative challenges of doing cross-border business, or simply a realization that things are good when you stick to what you know, it makes life difficult for prospective punters who lack any connection with Turkey.

Otherwise, the lack of any bonuses – likely a response to the tough laws about promoting gambling in Turkey – make it hard to get excited about betting here. And with a fairly limited in-play offering, no casino, slots or poker, and that ever-present language barrier, it’s fair to say that Nesine will be a strict niche interest for bettors with close ties to Turkey.


Website languages operates only in Turkish.



Products and apps

Nesine apps are available for Android, iOS devices. The website separately mentions an app for Huawei devices. You can download them from the website.

Sport products



Live streaming

Match Center




– Russian version
– Mobile version


Payment methods


You can fund deposit in Nesine through VISA and Mastercard cards, bank transfer (local Turkish banks) and FastPay. The minimum deposit is 1 TRY. The maximum deposit varies. The processing methods is instant for cards and FastPay and 1-5 business days for bank wires.No commission held for the deposit by the bookmaker.


The withdrawal can be made through the above-mentioned methods except for FastPay. The minimum withdrawal sum is 10 TRY. The maximum amount varies. The processing time is from 1 to 3 business days. No commission held for the withdrawal.


Accepted currencies

Nesine accepts only Turkish Liras.

Turkish lira



Nesine offers its customers phone line and email in case of having issues with the bookmaker.  There is no live chat.


Licenses (1)

Nesine company is a legal electronic bookmaker of Spor Toto Association and legal e-ticket dealer of National Lottery Administration of Turkey. This is an authorization, not a licence, as gambling is prohibited in Turkey.

Spor Toto Association



🔗 How to bet on Nesine? is an online sports betting and Turkish national lottery website. It enables its users to place bets primarily on horse races. The website and platform incorporate telephone betting services and technology-based applications to engage users in the sport of betting. It also provides the latest reviews and a feature that enables users to exchange betting coupons.

🎁 How to withdraw money from Nesine?
In order to withdraw the money in your account, you must have completely filled in the bank account information field (your IBAN and account name information) in the “My Account”> “My Money Transactions”> + ADD NEW ACCOUNT section. After logging into the site with your membership information, you can access “ ” My Account “>” My Money Transactions “> WITHDRAWAL, and enter the amount you want to withdraw. The amount you want to withdraw from your account must be at least 10 TL. However, the minimum amount you can withdraw for the following hours may vary according to banks.

🗺️ How long does it take to withdraw money from Nesine?
The money you earn on is in your bank account INSTANTLY. Withdrawals made between 02:00 and 09:00 on weekdays, regardless of the amount, transactions for all withdrawal requests within this time range are quickly transferred to your account on the first business day.

Nesine bookmaker review

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