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3:34PM CST
June 5

Speaking up for competition, airlines and the consumer

In an airline merger, what’s the most important consideration? Maintaining and increasing the level of competition? Creating greater efficiencies for the airlines? Or protecting consumers’ choices?

7:00AM CST
June 4

Joint defense agreements: the benefits and the risks

Joint defense agreements have been around for a long time, and with them come both advantages and disadvantages. In a Sound Advice podcast from the _ Section of Litigation, Lee Ziffer of Kuchler Polk Schell Weiner & Richeson LLC explains the purpose of a joint defense agreement and offers guidelines for using the agreements wisely.

5:28PM CST
June 3

When moving from associate to partner, lawyers must focus on ethics of new leadership role

Making partner is an important career milestone for practicing lawyers. With better pay, bigger offices and several perks that come with the prestigious promotion, many associates look forward to the day when their hard work is awarded with a partnership offer.
But becoming partner means more potential for problems as well as perks. Many associates don’t realize the risks and ethical responsibilities associated with the position.

4:33PM CST
May 29

Justice may be in the eye of the beholder, but can we talk about it?

Judge E. Savannah Little of the D.C. Office of Administrative Hearings said she once entered the waiting room of her courtroom and found a litigant “barking” at a staff person about an issue. When she told the man she would take care of the issue in court, the man’s eyes “jumped out.”

11:41AM CST
May 24

Be diligent and avoid client conflicts of interest

The trends of more law firm mergers and of attorneys changing jobs more frequently expand the possibility of an attorney-client conflict of interest, a panel of legal ethics experts noted in an _ program.

3:03PM CST
May 23

Social media and legal marketing: a tricky mix

Social media makes navigating a marketing campaign a tricky business for lawyers, according to panelists at a recent _ webinar, “The Ethics of Legal Marketing in a Social Media Age.” While using Twitter, Facebook and other social tools may seem like simple ways for lawyers to effectively introduce themselves to potential clients, the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct suggest that lawyers use these technologies with some caution.

10:57AM CST
May 22

New group highlights modern issues for attorneys general and the Department of Justice

After finding himself in charge of many _ events focused on issues related to attorneys general, Ashley L. Taylor Jr. realized there was an unfilled need for the chief legal officers of America’s states and territories. They lacked a place for writing, speaking, mentoring and learning from others in the legal profession who devoted time to these issues. As a result, the ABA Section of State and Local Government Law created the State Attorneys General and Department of Justice Issues Committee.

7:00AM CST
May 20

Want to find a job in health law? Then ‘never say no’

Students should implement a proactive approach and compile a résumé full of accomplishments that sets them apart from the crowd if they want to successfully pursue a career in health law, a panel of health law lawyers said.

1:07PM CST
May 13

Elder law 101: The client might not be the one paying the legal fees

Lawyers who practice elder law face a challenging question that many other lawyers don’t always have to ask and answer: Who is the client? “Depending on the circumstances of how the client comes to you, it may be a bit confusing,” said Colorado Springs lawyer Michael A. Kirtland at the teleconference “An Introduction to Elder Law.”

2:57PM CST
May 9

34th annual Telly Awards honors ABA’s ‘Voices for Victims: Lawyers Against Human Trafficking’

“Voices for Victims: Lawyers Against Human Trafficking,” a video produced for the _ Task Force on Human Trafficking in partnership with the ABA Communications and Media Relations Division has won a Bronze Telly Award — a runner-up to first place.

3:05PM CST
May 8

When Superheroes and IP Law Collide

A recent _ continuing legal education program explored several intellectual property topics through the lens of superheroes and comic books.

12:35PM CST
May 8

States Decide: Can Same-Sex Spouses Become the Beneficiary of Their Partners’ Trust?

Same-sex couples who marry or join in civil unions face unique challenges to determine whether their partner qualifies as a beneficiary of their trusts, and attorneys must often navigate complex or unclear laws to guide their clients appropriately.

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