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4:33PM CST
May 29

Justice may be in the eye of the beholder, but can we talk about it?

Judge E. Savannah Little of the D.C. Office of Administrative Hearings said she once entered the waiting room of her courtroom and found a litigant “barking” at a staff person about an issue. When she told the man she would take care of the issue in court, the man’s eyes “jumped out.”

10:31AM CST
May 26

Original "Law & Order" DA Profiled by ABA Journal

The June issue of ABA Journal profiles “The Boss” Robert Morgenthau, former district attorney for New York County. Morgenthau’s career spans from the post-WWII era to the present, including his current of counsel job with Wachtel, Lipton, Rosen & Katz in New York City. In between, he held the DA’s job in Manhattan for a record 35 years.

4:26PM CST
April 27

Lawyers as CEOs: A Growing Trend?

Knowing how to sell groceries, fly airplanes or pick up garbage are generally not in the average lawyer’s skill set or on her to-do list. But increased government regulation and the need to navigate international laws and treaties are just two of the reasons more lawyers are moving into the corner office in Fortune 50 companies—including Kroger Co., Continental Airlines and Waste Management Inc.—according to “CEO, Esq.” the cover story in the May issue of ABA Journal.

6:00AM CST
April 17

First Legal News App Released for Apple's iPad

With sales of the recently released iPad from Apple exceeding expectations comes news of a new app for those with an interest in news from the legal community. The first legal news app developed specifically for the iPad was released this week by the ABA Journal, the flagship magazine of the _.

5:02PM CST
March 25

Retribution Bests Reason in Maricopa County’s Political Saga

“The Maricopa Courthouse War” in the April issue of ABA Journal chronicles a long-running controversy in Maricopa County, Ariz., involving Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Prosecutor Andrew Thomas that is now under investigation by the U.S. Justice Department.

3:29PM CST
February 2

New Competition Opens Up Online Legal Research

With the _’s annual legal technology expo around the corner in March, “Wired,” the cover article in the February 2010 issue of ABA Journal examines and compares the choices for online legal research. In a field formerly dominated by two players—Westlaw and LexisNexis—competition is heating up as Bloomberg, Google and relative newcomer Fastcase expand their capabilities or enter the lucrative legal research industry.

1:00PM CST
December 31

Different Times, Different Paths: January ABA Journal Profiles Survivor Strategies

From cancelled summer programs, deferrals and rescinded job offers to high debt with no prospects for employment, recent law school grads have taken the brunt of the economic downturn and its impact on the legal community since 2007. But wait, it’s déjà vu—this recession conjures memories of a similar occurrence that redirected grads in the legal world nearly 20 years ago. Those with resilience, ingenuity, persistence and patience fared well, and some even took paths they would never have imagined.