around the bar  Annual Meeting
2:48PM CST
October 2

In-House Counsel Give Outside Lawyers the 'Real Deal' on Value

At an _ 2012 Annual Meeting program that promised to offer “the real deal” from in-house counsel of powerhouse companies, the founding general counsel of Internet giant GoDaddy.com wondered aloud why there weren’t more rainmakers in the audience.

3:09PM CST
August 22

Diversity Beyond Borders: What it Means, and How to Get There

A panel of diverse in-house counsel and other legal experts described personal experiences in the profession and offered advice on managing diversity issues with a global emphasis during “Dealing with Diversity Directives in a Global Environment.” A commitment to diversity on multiple levels — from hiring to retention to relations with outside counsel — is needed, pointed out speakers at the Annual Meeting CLE Centre Showcase Program.

11:56AM CST
August 17

District of Columbia Young Lawyer Receives ABA 2012 Rosner & Rosner Young Lawyers Professionalism Award

Dolores Dorsainvil, senior staff attorney at the District of Columbia Office of Bar Counsel and adjunct professor at American University Washington College of Law and the University of Maryland University College, received the Rosner & Rosner Young Lawyers Professionalism Award during the 2012 ABA Annual Meeting in Chicago.

3:47PM CST
August 14

Adding to Your Practice Across the Pond: Not Just for the Big Firms Anymore

David Steiger, author and member of the adjunct faculty at the DePaul University School for New Learning, provided a rationale and tips for lawyers working overseas during the Annual Meeting program “A Global Practice for Everyone: Insights Into Creation and Management of Overseas Operations.”

12:39PM CST
August 9

Developing a New Impression of Lawyers

The panel discussion “Not in My Playground: Civility and Professionalism in Your Workplace” on Aug. 3 at the ABA Annual Meeting focused on how to dismantle unflattering longtime stereotypes about the legal profession.  Panelists said it will take time and a collective effort to do so.
“The stereotype [is] of the ambulance chaser, someone who is

10:08PM CST
August 6

Panel Debates Pros, Cons of New Voter Registration Laws

A vigorous debate sprung from a panel discussion on new voter registration laws at the ABA Annual Meeting on Aug. 5. The panel highlighted disagreements about the challenges voters may face at the polls this fall as a result of laws adopted in some states requiring voter identification and eliminating early voting, among other changes.

7:10PM CST
August 6

Panel: Hispanic Incarceration Rates Driven by Increase in Immigration Enforcement

A panel at the ABA Annual Meeting discussed the link between race and incarceration in light of a U.S. Sentencing Commission report that found that Hispanics, the fast-growing minority group in the nation, account for more than 35 percent of all individuals sentenced.

7:07PM CST
August 6

Eyewitness Identification: We Have a Long Way to Go

How certain are you that you identified the perpetrator? How closely were you paying attention to the perpetrator in the video? Those were two of the questions posed to attendees at the Aug. 3 program “Eyewitness Identification: A Radically Changing Landscape,” after being asked to pick out the perpetrator in a mock bomb planting.

6:37PM CST
August 6

Can My Employer Do That? The Maze of Social Media and the Workplace

Labor and employment lawyers get inconsistent guidance with respect to social media and advising their clients, based on an array of case law, administrative law judges’ rulings, advice directives and three National Labor Relations Board general counsel memoranda.

4:19PM CST
August 6

ABA Panel Tackles Health Care Reform and the Limits of Congressional Power

When President Eisenhower nominated Earl Warren for chief justice of the United States, he praised the jurist’s integrity and courage. Years later, Eisenhower changed his tone when he reportedly characterized Warren’s appointment as the “biggest damn fool mistake I ever made.”

6:44PM CST
August 5

West Virginia Justice Made Famous by Caperton Comments on His Decision to Hear the Case

When should judges refrain from hearing cases due to impartiality concerns? West Virginia Supreme Court Justice Brent Benjamin, a panelist for a 2012 _ Annual Meeting program on the topic, has weathered the front lines in the debate.

12:51PM CST
August 5

National Security Experts Discuss Need for Cybersecurity Cooperation

The nation’s defense secrets are stolen by hackers working out of an Internet café in Seoul, South Korea and auctioned to the highest bidder. Millions lose power for more than a week during a heat wave due to an invasive computer program that targets electric utilities.

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