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2:49PM CST
March 7

‘Best Of The Best’ Android Apps Reviewed in New ABA Book

From the more than 800,000 apps currently available for Android devices, a new book from the _ Law Practice Management Section, Android Apps in One Hour for Lawyers, highlights the “best of the best” that will allow readers to practice law from their mobile devices.

2:38PM CST
March 4

Expert Panel Reacts to Google’s Victory Over FTC

Experts at a recent _ Section of Antitrust Law panel discussion debated whether the results of the Federal Trade Commission’s investigation into certain Google business practices, including those related to search and search advertising, were fair.

1:32PM CST
February 26

ABA Panel: Special Immigration Visa Program for Middle East Refugees a ‘Burdensome and Lengthy Process’

The requirements for gaining admission into the United States through the Special Immigrant Visa Program is bureaucratic and has prevented asylum applicants from obtaining the protection they need, experts said at an ABA Section of Individual Rights and Responsibilities panel.

9:47AM CST
February 20

Moving to a New Firm Involves Complex Financial, Ethical Issues

The movement of lawyers from firm to firm involves a number of complex legal and ethical issues, according to an expert panel that participated in the _ webcast “Lawyers Changing Firms.”

3:50PM CST
February 19

3 Developments with Transgender Rights that May Affect Employment Discrimination Cases

In a Sound Advice podcast from the _ Section of Litigation, Nancy Marcus of Berkman, Gordon, Murray and Devon in Cleveland discussed three developments regarding transgender rights that may affect employment discrimination cases around the country.

3:19PM CST
February 19

ABA Signs Pledge Supporting Disability Diversity and Inclusion in the Legal Profession

At the _’s Midyear Meeting in Dallas, the association’s Board of Governors signed — on behalf of the ABA — the ABA Commission on Disability Rights’ Pledge for Change: Disability Diversity in the Legal Profession for legal employers, including law firms, corporations, judges and law schools.

3:46PM CST
February 13

The Balance Between Deception and Accuracy in Advertising is a Fine Line, Panel Suggests

In magazines, on billboards, attached to juice cartons and online, POM Wonderful peddled its 100 percent pomegranate juice as a preventative tool in the fight against heart disease, prostate cancer and erectile dysfunction.

11:46AM CST
February 12

Experts Explore How to Adjust Social and Mobile Media Regulations to Benefit Consumers

When Instagram — a popular photo-sharing mobile application — updated its terms of service, a viral backlash immediately emerged. Several users rejected the premise that Instagram could use their photos in advertisements and for other purposes without their consent or compensation. Instagram was forced to revise its terms of service and removed the controversial language.

2:02PM CST
February 11

National Security Experts Discuss Options for ‘Active’ Cyber Defense

If a cybercriminal hacks into your network and steals your files, what legal right do you have to track down the thief and perhaps hack into his network and recover or destroy the files? National security experts discussed the legality of varying degrees of such “active” cyber defense, as opposed to passive efforts to lock down information through conventional cybersecurity measures.

6:20PM CST
February 10

Internal Compliance Programs and the FCPA: What Works, What Doesn’t?

Carefully consider the attorney-client privilege, documentation and scope upfront when confronted with a Foreign Corrupt Practices Act investigation. An experienced panel of prosecutors, defense lawyers and others advised on how to prepare your business client going into an investigation, what to do during a review and some of the elements that are considered during the sentencing phase, at a Criminal Justice Section-sponsored program Feb. 8 during the ABA Midyear Meeting in Dallas.

6:11PM CST
February 10

End Sex Trafficking by Ending Homelessness and Adopting ‘Safe Harbor’ Laws, Experts Urge

Wayman pointed to housing services for juvenile survivors of sex trafficking as not only effective, but also cost-effective. One study he cited found that the average annual cost for one detention bed is approximately $88,000, while the average cost of one supportive housing unit, with ancillary services, is only $18,000.

12:51PM CST
February 10

Excellence in Inclusive Leadership Honored by ABA Diversity Commission

The _ Commission on Racial and Ethnic Diversity in the Profession honored six lawyers with 2013 Spirit of Excellence Awards today for their significant contributions to advancing diversity in the profession.

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