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March 20, 2013

ABA Urges New Sentencing Hearing in Controversial Death Penalty Case

The following is a statement from ABA President Laurel Bellows: The _ is concerned about the case of Duane Buck, a death-sentenced man in Texas. It is undisputed that the prosecution improperly put the assertion before the jury that he was “dangerous” because he was black, and this assertion sealed Buck’s fate.

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March 18, 2013

Judicial Clerkship Program Aims to Expand Diversity in the Profession

The ABA’s Judicial Clerkship Program, a joint effort of the ABA Council for Racial and Ethnic Diversity in the Educational Pipeline and the ABA Judicial Division, has been a highlight of the ABA Midyear Meeting since the 2001 Midyear in San Diego.

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March 15, 2013

Young Lawyers: Strategies for Success in Your First 5 Years

The first five years of practice are critical developmental years, said Joanna Garcia, shareholder, Carlton Fields, and moderator of the ABA webcast “What’s Next? Professional Development Strategies for Lawyers Trying to Get to the Next Level.”

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March 14, 2013

Accuracy and Timing Are Key Components to Become a Successful Debtor’s Attorney, Experts Say

Thousands of people file bankruptcy each month because they lose their home, must pay medical expenses or lose their job. For debtor’s lawyers, it is critical to understand the scope of a client’s financial history and verify it for accuracy in order to file in a timely manner.

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March 7, 2013

‘Best Of The Best’ Android Apps Reviewed in New ABA Book

From the more than 800,000 apps currently available for Android devices, a new book from the _ Law Practice Management Section, Android Apps in One Hour for Lawyers, highlights the “best of the best” that will allow readers to practice law from their mobile devices.

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